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The Dolar Shop Hot Pot story began in Las Vegas of the East; Macau!
Our name “Dolar”comes from a Chinese term embodying the people’s willingness to work hard to gather prosperity, fortune, and never turning down any opportunities!

What about "Shop"? We are artisans in our workshop and our craft is hot pot. When guests come dine with us in The Dolar Shop be prepared to indulge in our delectable house made ingredients!
Hot Pot is one of the most beloved way of dining in Chinese culture ! Influences of East and West in Macau led to love for home-made fish balls and slices of high grade beef. These top notch ingredients paired with our blend of sauces makes it a unique experience.
Our philosophy to continuously innovate, always serve fresh ingredients, and to excel in customer service to build a strong connection with our guests.
We are proud to showcase the Macau hot pot culture to guests around the world. Enjoy the ultimate hot pot dining experience only at The Dolar Shop!

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Value of The Dolar Shop

1. Striving for excellence: stay hungry, stay foolish, stay curious, stay courageous.
2. Driven by results: Think independently, Acting in accountability, Creating unique value.
3. Teamwork: Infinitely enhancing the capabilities of individuals through sharing and collaborating.
4. Embrace change: Constant innovation and improvement.

Vision of The Dolar Shop

1. Redefine Chinese cuisine globally.
2. Become the best restaurant for custom-

ers, the best employer for employees, the best customer for suppliers, the best investment for investors.

Individual hot pot
only the freshest ingredients
clean and hygienic 
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